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Philosophy of Enigma Bot

2 years, 4 months ago

Enigma Bot is one of my products. It's a chat bot that I have developed in the summer of 2017. It works in Discord and Telegram. However, some of my users have misinterpreted the purpose and nature of the Enigma Bot. Enigma Bot was designed to be conversational. Unlike a typical Discord bot, which you issue a command that you have to memorize, Enigma Bot accepts questions like: "What is the weather going to be like today in New York, USA?". Because of the simplicity of Enigma Bot, I decided that I am not going to make a documentation for it. I think that a well-made-or-designed bot or any product shouldn't need a manual, because that they should be easy to use, such that new users should know how to use it. That is what my philosophy about Enigma Bot's Design. So, please don't talk to it like a robot, please talk to it like a human. Thank you. -Enigma




2 years, 4 months ago


Who read this anyway?

7 months ago


How much does this product cost???
how do I purchase it

P.S this blog is cool