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Webgma is now one year old!

Engineering Life
2 months, 3 weeks ago

This post is a bit rushed. Hopefully, I will fix possible errors.

Right around this moment. I believe I created my very first blog post on this website a year ago. Sure time passes fast!

In the very beginning, this website was just a copy of this tutorial. Then I changed the looks of the website so that it looked unique. After that, I realized that my blog should have the ability for readers to publish comments. Using the tutorial, I figured out how I can add comments. Now my blog was complete. However, I wanted to branch out and create other types of websites as well. So I created Polls. My new website now looked like this. Then I kept adding more web apps and features, until it looked like this. Now I decided to revamp the landing page so that you could talk to Enigma Bot, which is a chatbot that I developed in the summer of 2017. After the revamp the landing page now looked like this. And the rest is history.

Anyways, without this website, I could have been in a totally different situation right now. I may not have got into MaCS without this website! I am very glad that I decided to make my very own website. Seeing the enormous result of a small time investment made a year ago, I will never forget to pause my self-improvement.

Edit: This was posted 31535999 seconds after the first post was created.

Edit 2: Nevermind. Turns out this was 2 hours late. (Sigh)




2 months, 3 weeks ago

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2 months, 3 weeks ago

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