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What a general AI would look like

6 months, 2 weeks ago

The humanity is working toward a strong AI, capable of outsmarting human in all areas conceivable. How would it work? That's the question we are all trying to answer. I think we have to model the human brain and simulate it on a computer.

Three years ago, scientists simulated a part of a worm's brain on a robot, and the robot moved. After watching this, I realized that if we were to simulate our brain, we would be creating a strong AI. As computing power doubles every two years, famously predicted by Gordon Moore, we would someday reach a point where we would be able to simulate a human easily. (Although now the rate of increase of computing power has slowed down recently, I believe quantum computers can solve this problem)

This led me to another question. If we successfully simulate the human brain and create a strong AI, would the AI have feelings or thoughts, or is it just an illusion, calculated by the computer? That leads me to this? Are we even capable of thinking or having emotions? Are the so-called 'thoughts' or 'feelings' just illusions?

The Chinese Room Argument by John Searle, makes it clear that even if we create a Strong AI, it may just be an illusion, and is just a complex program that is designed to fool the humans.

Recent advancements in AI has shown that computers could be creative too. I believe the human brain that we are all equipped with cannot have thoughts or feelings. It is just a complex neural network that carries out the functions of our body. This idea is well explained here.

Now, since the human brain is a much-advanced computer than those we have right now in 2018, what if we can use the human brain for computation and for storing data, our brain can process in one second what the world's fastest computer takes 40 minutes to process, and our brain can also store about a petabyte of data. Wouldn't it be cool if we could use that for something else?




6 months, 2 weeks ago


Personally, I think humanity should keep AI's intelligence below us. I wouldn't like there being an intelligence superior to our own species' on Earth.