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My proposal for fossil fuels

1 year, 7 months ago

TL;DR: To keep the Earth from heating well below 2 degrees Celsius, as promised on the Paris Accord, we can't burn all of the fossil fuel resource on Earth, which would be a waste, and would bring a huge financial crisis. What if we burnt them on the Moon?

The Paris Climate Accord. It was a big deal. Back then it was seen as a miracle. However, the promises made by nations are not being followed right now. Hence the quote, "Easier to say than done." To meet the goal of the Paris accord, countries would have to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions to a net zero by 2050. That is a mere 40 years left. In that time frame, we are supposed to switch over to 100% clean energy, and we can't offset to be carbon neutral if we want to truly achieve a net zero of emissions. Companies own many fossil fuel reserves. To stop the disastrous consequences of climate change, we can only burn only a few more reserves and that's it. As governments try to limit the use of fossil fuels, the valuation of fossil fuel reserves will plummet and set off a financial crisis, or the "carbon bubble" will burst. So how do we keep the value of the fossil fuels and put all of them to use, and prevent Earth from overheating?

One way, I believe, is to burn them in outer space. We can't burn them on Earth, so why not burn them on, for example, the Moon? We could send fossil fuels on Earth to the moon, generate electricity on the moon, store it in batteries, then bring the batteries back to Earth. We would be polluting the Moon instead of the Earth! Of course, this would be expensive! However, given the projected decline of fossil fuel prices, I think it will be worth it, especially as rockets get cheaper.