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Happy 1st Birthday Enigma!

1 year ago

Soo its been a great year!

Let me give you some history.

On this day a year ago, I created Enigma Bot or Addison A. on Skype. All it did at first was replying to "Hey bot" with "Hey!". That was it. Then I added a feature that allowed you to chat with it. It could just chat like a human being. But something was missing. I wanted it to act like an assistant. So I added a new feature to Enigma Bot which was modules, which was basically scripts that you can connect to Enigma Bot, and that module would fetch information from the web. This gave an actual usefulness to Enigma Bot. Soon after that, The Awesome Tribe, which resided on Skype, moved to Discord. Soon Disgma Bot on Discord was born (or cloned). It provided help to Tribers in Discord. However, it wasn't still very helpful. Again something was missing. I thought about this for a while, and I came up with an idea of Personalization, where it stores what you ask it to store and later bring it up when the user asks Enigma Bot about it. It was soon implemented. Then I thought that asking Enigma Bot for the same thing over and over again by mentioning it again was very unhuman-like. To get five zucc memes, you manually had to type "!bot give me a zucc meme!" five times! So I added a feature that remembers what you talked about, so you could refer to the zucc meme with "the". And that is how Enigma Bot developed.

After that, I turned my eyes towards the web! I first created a website that you can create "message in a bottle" which is messages you can send online that would get seen by one random user and ONLY that user (Actually there is a hack). And I added more features to that website such as log-in and twitter like website where you can micro-blog. Then I created another website with had my blog on it. I completely ditched my old website and worked on this new website. I created a poll app, where you can create polls and get others to vote on them. Then came a major redesign of my website. After that came To-Do, and I implemented the same "message in a bottle" feature on my new website.

Next, I created Discoin, a currency you can earn by just chatting!

After Discoin, I added a log-in feature to my new website, which allowed me to build Enigma Drive, which is just like Google Drive, but with fewer features and unlimited storage!

Then I created Enigma Bot on the web, so you can talk to it on your browser.

Whats that I hear, a new era? It's a new era! Its called the era of bots. I started to create a lot of bots, including SWOT, Wolves Messenger, Titan Fortnite Tracker, and Fortnite Tracker.

During the bot era, I put some of my bots public for strangers to use. It got into many other servers. Ill get into this soon.

So that's where Enigma lies today!

The stats.

While the story can lie, the numbers can't. Let's see some statistics.

Before Enigma Bot got on Public Servers, it was on 25 servers. As of today (2018/08/31) it's on 60 servers!* (Update on 2018/08/31: Now it's on 61 servers)

Before Fortnite Tracker went public, it was on 1 servers. Today it's on 20 servers! (Although I added it to my other server)*

Before SWOT went public, it was on 5 servers. Now it's on 41 servers!*

The number of registered individuals on Webgma went from 1 (me) to 5. (One of them is my friend. Thank you Diamonddino.) (The old one had 3 including me (Thanks Guinoala.), and the old users didn't register on the new one.)

The number of servers I operate went from 1 to 2. (And I have another server just in case a server gets damaged.)**

Total number of money invested since last year: Around CAD $300 (There goes all my savings!)

Total profit since last year: 1600 Discoins (Around $1) (Ha.. ha.. haa... ha.......... ha.... ha. ha. haa....)

Monthly Expenditure as of August 2018: CAD $8.5

Lines of code written since last year: Around 62525

*This kind of servers mean Discord Servers
**This kind server means computer server

Lets partay

The future

So I've got many project ideas that I am going to work on, including 5 projects that I am working on right now, and should be soon released. So thank you for supporting Enigma and yeah.

Thank you!




1 year ago


Excited for the years to come and your future creations that come with them!

1 year ago


Thank you Guinoala. I am excited for your creations too when you get into high school!