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Time Travel: Summer of 2015

Life Time Travel
1 year, 10 months ago

Boom! The plane I was on for roughly 10 hours landed. It skidded and soon stopped. Then it moved towards a terminal. We were picked up by this woman with a van. We went to this city named "Coquitlam", which was the city we wanted to visit when we travelled to Vancouver in the Summer of 2014. The woman was the owner of the lodge we were going to stay in for 4 days. Within that four days, we were going look at three houses my mom picked from Korea and pick one that we liked to stay in. One day I went with my parents. And came to this place(Cloverdale), and walked in the neighbourhoods. There were rows upon rows of houses and I was amazed on the number of houses. And what was surprising was there was no one outside! It felt to me as if the town was a ghost town. My parents were using Google Map to find our way. And it was so hot! We visited around two or one houses(I can't remember!), and my dad searched up Subway and went to the Subway restaurant beside Independent grocery store. My parents asked me if I wanted to go to my new school, and I said no because I was so thirsty. Then we went back to the lodge. Next day they wanted me to stay in the lodge. So I did. I studied and it was spooky! I was scared because I was alone. But it was okay after.

== Fast Foward a Month ==

It was the first day of grade 5! I honestly didn't know what to expect. I went to the office door and saw the paper told me what class I was supposed to go to. I went to the classroom and there was everyone there. I sat down the the teachers started calling names. They eventually called mine and I said "here". And everyone looked at me, probably because I was the new kid! And then so it was.

So yeah that was my first day of grade 5. Yay.