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My feelings about me going to Toronto.

2 years ago

So here I am, facing the next chapter of my life. I almost finished elementary school (grad is tomorrow). However, instead of going to the high school with my friends in Vancouver, I am moving to Toronto. This sort of thing happened to me before. I came to Vancouver, Canada from Korea. My original plan for me was that I would be visiting Canada so that I would stay here for a year, and I would go back, but things have changed, and my family decided to stay here. However, to stay here, our family would have to immigrate to Canada, to do that, my dad will have to get a job, and for that, we would have to move to Toronto. I will have to say goodbye to my friends (again!) and will have to make new ones. It's sad saying farewell to those whom I have met, but also, I will be able to meet new people. It's exciting yet melancholy. I still can contact all my friends online, but I know it isn't the same thing as meeting them in real life. I know that the friendship that I established here might end, but maybe it might be a good thing (partially). Friends change all the time. My grade 7 teacher, [Mrs. Middleton](http://hillcrestdiv1.weebly.com/), said that in High School, my friends would change. She said that of all her friends in Elementary School, she only has one left. Although my friends and I firmly believe that Discord, which is what my friends use to communicate online, will keep us together, what are the chances that we will still be together? Even if we are still friends, what if my friend's personality changes in High School? Maybe it's a good thing to keep the positive images of the people I know. What if I get disappointed by my friends? Even if I will be almost a continent away from my new friends, and another continent away from my hometown, Daejeon, Korea, I still will be able to meet my previous friends. We could have a reunion.

I'm also scared of what I am going to find in Toronto. After three years in Vancouver, I now have to move to a new environment, and get used to the new one. But, the fact that I was able to get friends here in British Columbia has encouraged me and made me believe that I could find friends in Toronto. I might not be humorous, and I might lack a sense of sarcasm, I still made friends here. I did better than I expected here. What might I accomplish in Toronto? The possibilities are huge.

Meanwhile, I am living rationally nowadays. I am always thinking, "Will I ever be able to do that?" If not, I will do it, even if it's boring. I will try to spend my time with my friends as much as possible, and make my last moments here in Vancouver worth something.

I am telling you, try to make your last moments at anywhere worthwhile.

My friends, try to make your last moments before High School worthwhile. Spend your time with your friends. You might not be able to enjoy that moment someday.

- Paul Lee | June 2018




21 hours, 49 minutes ago


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