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Human Greed

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2 years ago

TL:DR: What if we made people want to contribute to the world using human greed?

Human greed has brought the humanity to where we are right now, but it has caused some problems. Over time, our greed has expanded from demanding little, to demanding so much more. For example, a roller-coaster where a kindergartener would laugh at nowadays was the scariest thing you would find in an amusement park back in the old days, even to an adult. Similarly, the media you would find online, on the TV, etc. has been getting more stimulating than before. Now, is this a good thing for the humanity? To me, I think this could lead us to humanity's doom. You see, we are constantly looking for a better experience of the world, and when we do that, we take up more resources than before, and then we want more and more. Our greed is just like a train without a break. It gets faster and faster, yet it never stops. Now if we keep going this way, something negative would happen to the humanity. Our resources would be depleted, and there would be a lot of people still wanting more. So the solution would have to reverse our greed and make the humanity humbler. But so what? Everyone will point at each other and say that the others aren't humble, so why should themselves be humble? This is another problem caused by the humanity. We tend to be selfish. Everyone is selfish in some way, it's just how selfish? We kids ask for the latest phone or a gaming console on Christmas, yet many kids in Africa die of malnutrition. We also buy the latest products, when we still have fully functional ones. We turn on the heater and the air conditioner when we could just wear more clothes or wear shorts. We use cars to get to places fast when we could just use a public transport or a bike. And, all of this is bound to harm humanity soon, because climate change caused by us, will cause natural disasters. Either way, we as a humanity have a big problem right now. So what solutions do we have? "Right now, the politicians and the scientists are working it out." So, if we un-sugarcoat that statement, it means that there is no solution currently. Also, when our resources get depleted, what would we do? Would we team up and share our left-overs? No, countries would start a war and try to take over all resources. Even with a doom looming over the humanity, we would just start another war.

Now, I made it clear that the human greed and selfishness would not be gone, but what if we used it for an advantage for us? So, what if we reward people for doing something that would benefit us for the whole of the humanity? But then what do we reward people with? So, one of the human nature is to place ourselves on top of the ranks. So what if we publicly praised people who contributed to the world? So, for example, we would have this social media where you could post the number of times you recycled, or picked up litter, or ate all your lunch? We could also share the photos of us doing that. The top contributors would show up at a special show each year to inspire other people. The social media would also show people how much progress they made on Earth. We could also urge the press to teach people to be humble, or we could ask the celebrities to show to their fans that they should save the resources on Earth.