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A series of posts where I bring my memories up again and write about them.


Time Travel: Elementary Graduation
Life Time Travel

Okay, I just noticed that my graduation post didn't include the details of the graduation so I am going to recall the events of the graduation.

It's 10 something, and I am wearing special business-like clothes. We are in the classroom. It's weird seeing everyone in such special outfits. Mrs.Middleton comes ......

A very rare coincidence.
Life Time Travel

<b>This blog post may contain errors because it was rushed.</b>

Let me tell you a story I think I have never told you guys before. So last January, I was attending this coding workshop thing that taught the R programming language. Note that this was in Korea. Now, the attendees were ......

Time Travel: Clayton Park
Life Time Travel

We walked in a town of Cloverdale(Clayton). We walked toward the new high school. We turned around to a small road to a familiar place that we've all visited last year: Clayton Park! We put our bags on the ground and listened to instructions and boundaries. Then they told us ......

Time Travel: Playland
Life Time Travel

I arrived at school. The atmosphere was frenzy. We all were separated into groups. I went into a car with a woman with one tooth on it which was smiling, whom I joked that the woman looked like Baldi. (Only who were in the car to the Playland with me ......

Time Travel: Summer of 2015
Life Time Travel

Boom! The plane I was on for roughly 10 hours landed. It skidded and soon stopped. Then it moved towards a terminal. We were picked up by this woman with a van. We went to this city named "Coquitlam", which was the city we wanted to visit when we travelled ......

Unreal: Last day in Vancouver (w/ Time Travel!)
Life Time Travel Favourites

<b>This was supposed to be posted yesterday on July 30th.</b>

So I said goodbye to three of my friends today. Sad.

I said goodbye to Goldenlemon(pete), Anime is Toxic(Gman13), Guinoala(Squishy fire guy), Angelic Potatoes. I hugged them. I said goodbye. I was at Brenden's, and I went to Cactus Club Cafe with ......

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