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CVMS Graduation
Life Opinion Favourites

<b>As expected, it is rushed.<br>Also this post was supposed to be published yesterday, which is 22 minutes before at the time of this writing.</b>

<h3>Before grad</h3>

I am a little bit nervous, but I don't have a special feeling like last year because it wasn't too long since I had one.

<h3>After grad</h3>
I ......

CVMS Open House Carnival
Life Time Travel Favourites

So my school has an annual open house to show all the Grade 5s who will be moving on to middle school. There is a carnival in the open house and our job was to create a game and run it and collect as many tickets (sold at the entrance) ......

CVMS Spring Concert
Life Favourites

<b>This is rushed, so watch out for errors.</b>

Today there was the Cummer Valley Middle School Spring Concert. Yay.
I am in CVMS Band. We played Regal March, New World Symphony, Alpha Squadron. The Strings played four songs and they much more advanced than the Band. My friend, M.C. is in Chamber ......

FLL CVMS Viperbots 1 Regional Competition
Engineering Life Dream Favourites

So two days ago I woke on at 6:30 to get to school before 7:15 to go to a First Lego League(FLL) regional competition. The competition was hosted by <a href="https://www.google.ca/maps/place/Westview+Centennial+Secondary+School/@43.7524598,-79.5273133,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x882b3037359ef321:0xbb1dcf5d32a1ee44!8m2!3d43.7524598!4d-79.5251246">Westview Centennial Secondary School</a>. There were two teams from our school, Viperbots 1, and Viperbots 2. We got there in ......

Unreal: Last day in Vancouver (w/ Time Travel!)
Life Time Travel Favourites

<b>This was supposed to be posted yesterday on July 30th.</b>

So I said goodbye to three of my friends today. Sad.

I said goodbye to Goldenlemon(pete), Anime is Toxic(Gman13), Guinoala(Squishy fire guy), Angelic Potatoes. I hugged them. I said goodbye. I was at Brenden's, and I went to Cactus Club Cafe with ......

Things do come to an end.
Life Favourites

You know, time goes pretty fast. When summer school started my grade 6 and 7 teacher, Mrs. Middleton told my class that there were only 10 weeks of school left. I was surprised that there was a little bit of school left ahead of us, but it went by so ......

Elementary "Celebration" (Graduation)
Life Favourites

<b>This post was updated. It is finalized</b>

<h4>10:35 AM Update</h4>
I am excited, I have this strange feeling in me that I can't describe. It's unreal. It feels like a dream. I remember my first day of school. When I woke up, my mom was at my bed, with a bunch of ......

Human Greed
Opinion Favourites

TL:DR: What if we made people want to contribute to the world using human greed?

Human greed has brought the humanity to where we are right now, but it has caused some problems. Over time, our greed has expanded from demanding little, to demanding so much more. For example, a roller-coaster ......

How I made Enigma Drive
Engineering Favourites
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I got this idea of Enigma Drive (Which is just like Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox) when I was having a day trip to Whistler. As I saw the views of the Sea to Sky Highway, I suddenly got an idea. What if I make a server on my Raspberry ......

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