Fortnite Ranker (Unofficial)

Fortnite Ranker

A Discord bot to rank Fortnite players.

Fortnite Ranker is a bot that ranks all the Fortnite players in a server.

First, you need to link your Fortnite account to your discord account: f!link (pc, xbl, psn) (Your Fortnite username)

Then you can now campare your Fortnite skills with your friends! f!rank

Not many people on the list? Ask people to link their account too! Having a companion is nice.

Remember to refresh your stats once in a while. If you get a Victory Royale™ you may want to refresh your status right after for your friends to see your glory! To refresh use this command: f!refresh

If you are still confuzzled(confused) just use the help command: f!help

Or contact me: Enigma#3855

Or join the support server:

Good luck getting those Victory Royale™

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