Enigma Bot

Enigma Bot is like a human being that you can talk to.

Here is a perfect demonstration of how you can manipulate this bot:

You: !bot How are you

Bot: I am fine thanks. How are you?

You: !bot I am angry.

Bot: What happened?

You: !bot I don't want to tell you.

Bot: That's okay. I wish you will get better.

Try asking it for the weather, or the time or whatever. You can also ask it for memes!

Try to convince it that you are feeling lucky: !bot I am feeling lucky

So yeah. Good luck using this bot.

-- Enigma

Heres all the things he can do (I might miss some):

  • Check for time (!bot whats the time in New York, USA)
  • Check for weather (!bot what the weather in New York, USA)
  • Translate (!bot translate 너의 엄마 to english)
  • Send an email (!bot send an email to with subject ur mom with content lol!)
  • Prove literally anythings illuminati (!bot prove that ur mom is part of the illuminati)
  • Tell you news (!bot show me the latest news)
  • Show you memes (!bot show me a meme about zucc) (I know its dead)
  • Show you pictures (!bot show me a photo about ur mom)
  • Pick a random number (!bot pick a random number between 1 and 2017)
  • Search Urban Dictionary (!bot what does Ali-A mean on Urban Dictionary)
  • Take a note (!bot save ur mom as memo 1)
  • Read a note (!bot whats my memo 1)
  • Create a list (!bot create list 1)
  • Add something to the list (!bot add meme review to list 1)
  • Read a list (!bot show me my list 1)
  • Search (!bot how far is the moon?)
  • Just chat

You can also use it on the landing page of this website!

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